SOP Ghana


  • Process an IDF via GCNet Front-end
  • Submission of completed IDF, Invoice, Parking List, and a copy of the B/L [on or before arrival of vessel] to the designated DIC for processing of FCVR
  • Pick up FCVR from DIC
  • Importer of used vehicle: submit B/L, Certificate of Title to customs Division for the determination of value
  • Obtain a TIN from IRS, if you are a first time importer or an existing importer with tout TIN.
  • Present the TIN to customs for Division for Validation
  • Submission of a declaration electronically to Customs Division through the GCNet Computer Front-end
  • Print out the response from the GCNet Computer Front-end and effect payment of appropriate duty and taxes at either GCB or ECOBANK
  • Attach the bank payment Receipt, B/L, Invoice, IDF, FCVR and all other relevant documents to the designated Customs Division Compliance officer in the Long Room
  • Submit to the Shipping Line /Agent a hard copy of the declaration, Original B/L, Bank receipts, the DO and all the other relevant document
  • Present the green copy of the DO together with the hard copies of the declaration to the GPHA Revenue or other Freight Station for assessment and payment of handling charges and for the container to be dropped within 24 hours at the designated bay for physical examination (if required) after which Customs Division allows delivery
  • Arrange for a truck to convey cargo from the port/freight station
  • Waybill will then be issued by the appropriate freight station upon presentation of green copy of DO and hard copy of declaration
  • Present declaration and accompanying documents with the Cargo to Customs Division at the exit for final clearance. Freight station security also checks the waybill covering the goods.
  • Representation of MDAs attached to the freight stations who may be interested in the clearance of the goods may also inspect the relevant documents and sometimes sample the goods to ensure the observance of some other import requirement.
  • Make all documents available to the police, Customs Division or National Security, only on request, for inspection after existing the freight station 


  • If your container is to be scanned, then deposit the declaration, DO and the interchange (evidence of dropping container on the truck) at the Customs Division office within the scanning area
  • Pick up your scan number (Appointment Sheet) from the Scan Operations office and wait for your turn
  • Present the Appointment Sheet to the check-In Agent at the entrance of the scanning area
  • Confirm final clearance of container after the scan at the Customs Division office.

Documents Required for Clearance

  • IDF – Import Declaration Form
  • FCVR- Final Classification and Valuation Report
  • Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Tin-Tax Identification Number
  • Exemptions/Permits


Prepared by:

Import Clearing Department (Ocean)

Harrion Global logistics limited .

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