SOP Cameroon


NoMain StepsProcessing TimeIn charge ofDocumentationComments

Quote acceptation + Draft of B/L + pro-forma invoice.

>BL/O or signed Telex release.

Pre-alert has to be received max at vessel departure from port of loading.
2TRANSIT ORDER (TO)Day- 14 prior to ETA DualaClient

>Commercial Invoice

>Parking List

>Origin Certificate

>Sea Freight Invoice

>Harrion Global logistics Quote executed

Transit order T/O (addressed to Custom Broker

14 days before vessel arrival)includes full documentations must indicates custom

regime + delivery address + Specifications

as direct express delivery

3Transit File OpeningDay- 9Harrion Global logistics Harrion Global logistics Numbering is Proceeding

Checking and returned to client if mistake or missing docs.

4DI Import declaration report (SGS)Day – 8Importer Could be done by Harrion Global logistics  on behalf of the clientbased on B/L + Sea Freight ValueDepends on FOB value (if <3000 EUR: no pre-inspection / >3000 EUR required pre inspection before boarding by SGS at shipper’s place / POL).
5BESC / ECTNDay-8Exporterbased on B/L + Sea Freight ValueMandatory (CNCC agent depends on POL).

Local Insurance.

Day- 8Harrion Global logistics based on B/L + Sea Freight ValueMandatory (0.5% FOB Douala + 5.5 USD) + VAT
7AVI / Request for clean Report of findingDay- 6Harrion Global logistics SGS / AVI report.

It gives an estimate by third party on

Cargo value + customs duties.

8(SGS)Customs provisory declarationDay- 6Harrion Global logistics Provisory declaration.Provided to client for estimated custom duties amount.
9Vessel arrival/manifest registrationD DayShipping lineSYDONIA / Customs SystemDone by the shipping agent appointed for the cargo/vessel.
10Informatics validation of final customdeclarationDay + 2Harrion Global logistics SYDONIA / Customs SystemIf Cargo Manifest validated by the shipping line agent at the customs.
11Formal meeting with Customs officerDay+ 2Harrion Global logistics Provisory declaration.

The Custom Broker has to meet

Customs officer to validate final amount

to be paid as VAT & Duty.

12Customs duties / taxes – PaymentDay+ 4ClientGUCE office (bank)Paid by certified Bank check.
13Customs – Delivery Order (D/O)Day+ 5Harrion Global logistics BAE (BON A ENLEVER Douanes)Could be handled by Harrion Global logistics  on behalf of client (rate applied is 3%).
14Shipping line Delivery Order (D/O)Day+ 5Harrion Global logistics BAD (BON A DELIVRER PAD-DIT)After paying customs duties / taxes.
15Truck loadingDay +7Harrion Global logistics BAE + BAD + PAD-DIT

After paying Terminal handling charges +

Shipping Line fees.

16X-RAY (if required by Customs Inspector)Day+ 7Harrion Global logistics According to Customs appreciation (red circuit). 
17Final deliveryDay+ 8Harrion Global logistics Proof of delivery / DN

Harrion Global logistics  Delivery Note (DN) has to be dated,

signed and stamped by receiver.

18Return of empty containers (COC only)24HRS  

Receiver has to inform Harrion Global logistics  within 24h after delivery to collect the empty container

(Douala City Limits only) / For all other

destination, trucks will be on standby

(free time 24hrs).

Prepared by:

Import Clearing Department (Ocean)

Harrion Global logistics 

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